April 26, 2023

AdvisorHub: Merrill Team with Billion-Dollar Book Decamps to Open RIA in KY

Barlow Wealth Partners was recently featured in an article by AdvisorHub.

“A Merrill Lynch team managing around $1 billion in assets has left to open a registered investment advisory firm in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Barry O. Barlow and his team on Friday opened Barlow Wealth Partners, the broker confirmed in an email. He had been generating $7.45 million in annual revenue from around $1.1 billion in assets as of the end of 2022, he said. 

Barlow, a 39-year industry vet, moved along with his son, Frank, and advisors Amy Jones, and Christopher McIntosh as well as client associate Christine Book, according to BrokerCheck and the group’s website. 

Barlow, who is the RIA’s senior founding partner and chief compliance officer, said he moved in part for more flexibility in crafting a succession plan for his team.

“I can’t say enough good things about Merrill Lynch and the high caliber folks we worked with over the years,” Barlow wrote in an email. “It is great organization just no longer a good fit for our team given the nature of our practice.””

Read the full article by Karmen Alexander on AdvisorHub here.

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